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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Marketplace for sustainable investments

[Translate to English:] Marktplatz 2019



Innovative communicative formats that allow the visitors to get a condensed overview of the possibilities for sustainable investments in the insurance and investment worlds.

Exhibitions and presentations that are relevant and no long-winded lectures. Various topic areas where not only large and international companies but also small pioneers presented themselves. That included all those that have already been a player on the market in the last 5 years.

Sustainable Investments as a Megatrend and the Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable investment megatrend is in its early stage. The growth rates in this segment are already enormous. All forecasts assume that sustainability will be the megatrend of the next decades, both in the investment world and beyond. The topic is expected to get an enormous push from both the demand side and the politics side. How else can the ambitious national and international sustainability goals be achieved? Keywords like technologies to combat the climate change, energy change, transportation change, changes in the agriculture area, protection of the biodiversity etc., as they are defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, require worldwide investments in the trillions.

Exploit this megatrend that will cause massive changes in all areas of the economy and our life and offer unbelievable investment opportunities.

Future of Fair Finance 
With the 'Opens external link in new windowFuture of Fair Finance' event, the Fair Finance Institute wanted to timely address the current European Sustainable Finance developments in the regions.

You will find further information at the Opens external link in new windowWebsite of the Marketplace for Sustainable Investments.

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